shimlee. ™ products are manufactured using real North American hardwood. For over 30 years, shimlee’s parent company, Kendrick Forest Products, safely harvests timber while ensuring re-growth. After the lumber is processed, shimlee.™ signs are made by our craftsman before they receive the print that you provide. At shimlee.™, we use the industry’s best equipment to ensure a high quality product. Your photos are printed using ECO-UV ink to produce high quality graphics that are durable, vibrant, and beautiful.
shimlee.™ is produced using North American hardwoods, locally sourced and sustainably harvested.
We hold ourselves environmentally responsible and strive to practice our profession in an environmentally safe manner. In doing so, we continually improve our process to achieve minimal waste and we use vendors that have that same mentality.
The higher the quality of picture, the better it will look when it is printed. We do not use white ink so wherever there is white in your photo it will actually be the natural wood showing through. Darker and colorful images use more ink and show less wood grain through the images whereas lighter images show more wood grain.
JPG, PNG, PDF, JPEG. Or you can upload your photos right from Facebook or iPhoto. If you would like to send the photo via email please contact us at or 1 (563) 928-6437.
No, all photos must be sent to us in a digital file. However, most printing service stations do offer a scanning service, allowing you to get a digital copy of your image which you can then use to create your own shimlee.™.
Yes. We offer touch-up and photo fix options that you can choose when creating your shimlee.™.
Yes. Please call us at 1 (563) 928-6437 or email to place an order for custom sizing.
Yes. Please call us at 1 (563) 928-6437 to place an order for custom designs.
Our standard production time is 1-2 weeks. All orders placed before noon (12PM) CST will count for that day’s production. If your photo requires any editing, your production time may increase. Custom orders production time will begin after design approval.
Yes. Please call us at 1 (563) 928-6437 to place an order for a rush order.
You can check on the status of an order by signing in to your My Shimlee account by clicking “Sign In” at the top right of the page. After your order is submitted, the status will appear as one of the following; “processing”, “complete” or “shipped”.
No. Once an order is submitted we receive it right away and begin processing. So unfortunately once an order it submitted, it is final and changes can no longer be made.
Most shimlee.™ sizes do not need a hanging mechanism to hang securely on a wall. Those that do not require a hanging mechanism may be hung from the top frame of the print. Shimlees that are 16×20 or 20×16 and larger come with a wire attached to the back for hanging purposes. Shimlee’s also look great free standing (if on a secure surface) or leaning.
Each shimlee. ™ is produced from hardwood lumber. It has been kiln dried to minimize shrinkage and expansion. Having said this, wood is like a sponge and will take on and give off moisture based on the humidity in which it is placed. Small separations between the wood planks can occur when the air is dry like in the winter without a humidifier, and they may swell back up in humid conditions like the summer without air conditioning or dehumidification. Wood is also photosensitive and may change slightly in color with exposure to light. These changes in the wood are natural and part of the charm of having Real Moments on Real Wood ™.
To dust off a dry rag should be all that is necessary. For deeper cleaning you can use a damp cloth or even soap. Our special ink is UV cured and will not bleed if it becomes damp. Do not use chemicals to clean.
We offer a convenient will-call option for our local residents at our Edgewood, Iowa facility. A nominal handling and storage fee will apply at the time of purchase. Due to the restrictive space of our production facility, packages will need to be picked up within 48 hours of completion. Orders can be picked up from our design center, The Markket, at 200 N Locust St. Edgewood, IA 5202. For more will-call information please call us at 1 (563) 928-6437.