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  • 10×8 Photo Wood Print

    $35.00 Select options

    Display your favorite photos from your last vacation, of your new grand-baby, or your latest hunt. Whatever you hold near and dear to your heart, display it on the 10×8 Shimlee photo wood print and show it off to the world.

    *This product is excluded from promotions/offers.

  • 14×10 Photo Wood Print

    $50.00 Select options

    The 14×10 and 10×14 Shimlee photo wood prints are our most popular gift sizes, because they are the perfect size for graduation, wedding, shower, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and birthday’s at an incredible price.

  • 20×16 Photo Wood Print

    $95.00 Select options

    Our 20×16 photo wood print fits great on any office wall, or anywhere in your home. Large enough to be a stand alone piece, yet the perfect size to pair with other shimlee wood prints in a collage. You cant go wrong with the 20×16!

  • 24×12 Photo Wood Print

    $100.00 Select options

    Let our real wood 24×12 Shimlee photo wood print do showcase your favorite vacation, family photo, or destination. The landscape print will bring the most captivating scenes to life and take you back to that extraordinary moment.

  • 24×18 Photo Wood Print

    $135.00 Select options

    Your photo will make a bland wall pop on a 24×18 photo wood print. It’s Display cherished memories on real North American Hardwoods. The 24×18 is small enough to fit most spaces yet large enough to make a statement.

  • 36×24 Photo Wood Print

    $190.00 Select options

    Bring your favorite memories to life on a 36 x 24 shimlee print. The perfect size for your wall or above the mantle, this unique piece will showcase your precious photos on real wood. Talk about an attention grabber!

  • 40×30 Photo Wood Print

    $300.00 Select options

    Make a statement with our 40×30 photo wood print. Show off your favorite family photo, vacation destination, wedding/engagement photo. The 40×30 is sure to be a showstopper and everyone will be in awe when your best memories are transferred onto the real wood of our largest shimlee print.

  • 36×12 Photo Wood Print

    $135.00 Select options

    Photos of your extended family will shine on a 36 x 12 shimlee. Your photos will look stunning transferred onto the real wood grain of North American hardwoods. Hang it on the wall and let it speak for itself, or make a huge statement and pair with other shimlees to create a custom wall collage.

  • 24×12 Staggered Photo Wood Print

    $60.00 Select options

    Talk about unique! The 24×12 staggered Shimlee photo wood print is an absolutely awesome way to showcase your best memories. Position your photos perfectly, and let the staggered shimlee bring them to life.

  • 36×24 Staggered Photo Wood Print

    $150.00 Select options

    Your family photo, vintage photo of grandpa playing basketball, your trip to Colorado and to the beach all will have your guest in awe with our show-stopping 36×24 Shimlee staggered photo wood print. Not only does the size make you say wow but the unique shape will set this piece a part from all other artwork in your home.