Display your photos inside your home with our custom portrait wood prints. The rectangle shimlee. is great for nearly every photo! Favorite vacation memory? Get a rectangle shimlee. School pictures? Get a rectangle shimlee. Just married? Get a rectangle shimlee. Seriously, you can’t go wrong!

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  • 5″ x 7″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $18.00 Select options

    The 5 x 7 shimlee. is a great size to showcase almost any photo. Wouldn’t you just love a photo of your fur baby at work to show them off to all your co-workers? Or how about a photo of you and your significant other for your anniversary? Whatever you decide, the 5 x 7 shimlee. will be sure to display your photos beautifully!

  • 6″ x 12″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $35.00 Select options

    Tall trees in the background? Beautiful skyline? The 6 x 12 shimlee lets you focus on what matters most in the image without losing the amazing backdrop you’ve captured!

  • 8″ x 10″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $35.00 Select options

    Give a thoughtful and timeless gift with our 8 x 10 shimlee print. Everyone will be in awe of your favorite photos transferred onto the beautiful wood grain of North American hardwood! Hang it on the wall or display it on an easel – no matter what, this is the perfect way to display your treasured memories!

  • 10″ x 14″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $50.00 Select options

    Create a unique piece of art from your Instagram photos! Print them on our 10 x 14 shimlee! The real wood print is the perfect size for a wall hanging, and your photos paired with timeless wood grain is sure to be a conversation piece!

  • 16″ x 20″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $95.00 Select options

    Let your favorite memories make a big statement on North American hardwood. Large enough to be a stand alone piece, yet the perfect size to pair with other shimlee prints in a collage, you cant go wrong with the 16 x 20!

  • 12″ x 24″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $100.00 Select options

    The 12 x 24 shimlee. makes a perfect statement for the main focus of your photo. The size is unique making it a perfect piece to finish off any space!

  • 12″ x 36″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $135.00 Select options

    Skyscrapers, Eiffel Tower, tall trees, hometown water tower. These are just a few things that look great on a 12 x 36 shimlee.! Sometimes you have photos that are just hard to find a way to display with their unique shape, but not anymore! The 12 x 36 shimlee. allows you to focus on the main object. The reason you took the photo in the first place.

  • 18″ x 24″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $135.00 Select options

    Let your photographs stand out on the 18×24 shimlee. Birthdays, Weddings, whatever the occasion, bring the memory to life by choosing the 18×24 shimlee for your next shimlee!

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    24″ x 36″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $190.00 $114.00 Select options

    If you're wondering how your photo can look that good printed on wood, I can tell you I ask myself the same thing every day when I see this amazing product and every time my breath is taken away. The vibrant colors of your image mixed with the natural grain of the North American hardwood is absolutely breathtaking! The 24 x 36 shimlee. is statement piece and you cannot go wrong!

  • Sale!

    30″ x 40″ shimlee. Wood Print

    $300.00 $180.00 Select options

    WOW! Is that the reaction you're looking for? Because that is what you'll get with the 30 x 40 shimlee. This wood print brings your images to life! I can't even explain to you how amazing this piece is. You just have to see it in person. If you're looking for a large wood print, get the 30 x 40 shimlee. You won't be disappointed!