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  • 24×8 Personalized Farm Title Wood Sign

    $43.00 Select options

    Bring your hometown wherever you go with the custom block zip code wood sign from Shimlee. Great for any home or office, and can be paired with any of our other custom signs or photo prints.

  • Size OptionsCustom Blocked white last name black and white

    Personalized Blocked Wood Print

    $43.00$93.00 Select options

    Whether you like the black with white lettering, or white with black lettering, the custom block wood sign will look wonderful in your home. Choose from 12×4, 24×8, or 32×12 to fit any space in your home.

  • Size OptionsCustom Block Wood Sign Last Name

    Personalized Blocked Wood Print

    $43.00$93.00 Select options

    The custom block wood sign will look wonderful in your home. Choose from 24×8 or 32×12 to fit any space in your home.

  • 16×20 Personalized Classic White Wood Sign

    $32.00$63.00 Select options

    A simple look, with a creative design, makes the custom classic white wood sign a great fit for every home. Give it as a housewarming, wedding, or birthday gift – or keep for yourself. Hand-painted and built in Edgewood, Iowa.

  • 24x18 Curls Custom Wood Sign Last Name

    24×18 Personalized Curls Wood Sign

    $84.00 Select options

    Highlight your last name with this fun and chic curly font custom last name wood sign. Its the perfect size at 24×18 to make a statement without breaking the bank.

    *This product is excluded from promotions/offers.

  • Size Options12x4 and 24x8 and 36x12 Custom Name Farmhouse Wood Sign Wood Print

    Personalized Farmhouse Wood Sign

    $43.00$93.00 Select options

    Whether your choose the 12×4″, 24×8″, or 36×12″ size, your one-of-a-kind Shimlee custom design farmhouse wood sign will give the finishing touch to your rustic, farmhouse design style. Hand-painted & built from real North American walnut and maple hardwoods.

  • Size OptionsCustom Floral Wreath Wood Sign

    Personalized Floral Wreath Wood Sign

    $41.00$72.00 Select options

    Add a personalized touch to any room, or give a simple gift that every one would love, when you purchase the Shimlee custom floral wreath wood sign.

  • Size OptionsSimple Modern custom wood sign

    Personalized Simple Modern Wood Sign

    $43.00$93.00 Select options

    The light, and airy script font over a hand-painted natural wood is what makes this simple modern custom wood print a unique look. This style fits a variety of decorating styles making it a stunning gift for a friend or family member, or decor piece for your home.

    *This product is excluded from promotions/offers.

  • Size Options16x16 Bockenstedt Mock Custom name sign

    Personalized Stamp Wood Print

    $41.00$72.00 Select options

    Show off your family’s name with this custom made-to-order stamp sign just for you! Include your name and est. date in the form for your customization.

  • Size Options20x16 or 10x8 Custom welcome forever wood print sample

    Personalized Welcome Forever Wood Sign

    $32.00$63.00 Select options

    Welcome your guests to your wedding or shower with a romantic, rustic, and custom wood sign.  This print makes a wonderful gift, or something to order for yourself. Each sign is made-to-order in Edgewood, Iowa.

  • Size Options8x10 or 16x20 Custom Whimsical Wood Print Personalized wood Sign

    Personalized Whimsical Wood Sign

    $32.00$63.00 Select options

    Give a thoughtful gift, or give your home a romantic-rustic touch, when you purchase the custom whimsical wood sign from Shimlee. The 8×10″ is perfect for a desk, shelf, or entry table; and the 16×20″ is a show stopper in a gallery wall in your home, or welcome table at a wedding.