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  • 6x12 Baby on beach photo wood print

    6×12 Photo Wood Print

    $35.00 Select options

    Print pictures for your desk or shelves in your home and off on our 6×12 photo wood print. The unique size allows you to show off details in photographs that other shapes miss, like the gorgeous beach and sky.

    *This product is excluded from promotions/offers.

  • 10x14 Happy Couple photo on wood

    10×14 Photo Wood Print

    $50.00 Select options

    Gifts and displays for graduation, weddings, and showers look amazing on our 10×14 photo wood prints. This size is the perfect combination of wow factor and bang for your buck!

  • 10x8 Little girl in field photo printed on wood

    10×8 Photo Wood Print

    $35.00 Select options

    Display your favorite photos from your last vacation, of your new grand-baby, or your latest hunt. Whatever you hold near and dear to your heart, display it on the 10×8 Shimlee photo wood print and show it off to the world.

    *This product is excluded from promotions/offers.

  • 7x5 cute dog wood photo print

    7×5 Photo Wood Print

    $18.00 Select options

    Bring your favorite memories to work with a 7 x 5 Shimlee photo wood print. The 7 x 5 is the perfect fit for a desk in your office and works great as an accent to any home decor.

    *This product is excluded from promotions/offers.

  • 36x24 family photo on staggered photo print unique gifts

    36×24 Staggered Photo Wood Print

    $150.00 Select options

    Your family photo, vintage photo of grandpa playing basketball, your trip to Colorado and to the beach all will have your guest in awe with our show-stopping 36×24 Shimlee staggered photo wood print.¬†Not only does the size make you say wow but the unique shape will set this piece a part from all other artwork in your home.

  • 12x6 young brothers small photos printed on wood

    12×6 Photo Wood Print

    $35.00 Select options

    The 12×6 Shimlee photo wood print is the perfect size to display that picture perfect landscape moment. The beauty of the grain of the wood showing through the skyline will create such a unique piece of artwork. The perfect size to sit on a shelf or end table, the 12×6 Shimlee is a wonderful accent piece that will catch all your guest’s attention!

    *This product is excluded from promotions/offers.

  • 36x12 Family photo in vintage truck landscape photo printed on wood

    36×12 Photo Wood Print

    $135.00 Select options

    Photos of your extended family will shine on a 36 x 12 shimlee. Your photos will look stunning transferred onto the real wood grain of North American hardwoods. Hang it on the wall and let it speak for itself, or make a huge statement and pair with other shimlees to create a custom wall collage.

  • 30x40 Wedding large photo wood print

    30×40 Photo Wood Print

    $300.00 Select options

    If you’re looking to make a statement in your living room with a photo of your wedding day, family, or child order the 30×40 Shimlee photo wood print, you won’t be disappointed! With it’s unique structure and materials, this piece will bring your photo up a level, and make you wonder why you ever got photos printed on anything other than a Shimlee.

  • 24x36 wedding photo printed on shimlee large photos wood print

    24×36 Photo Wood Print

    $190.00 Select options

    What better way to impress your guest than to having your family photo printed on an one-of-a-kind photo printed on a Shimlee photo wood print? Whether it is the center of your gallery wall, or leans alone on your entry table, this size will awe everyone who sees it. Order today to make your photo stand out!

  • 14x10 Mother and daughter photo printed on wood Popular gift

    14×10 Photo Wood Print

    $50.00 Select options

    The 14×10 and 10×14 Shimlee photo wood prints are our most popular gift sizes, because they are the perfect size for graduation, wedding, shower, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and birthday’s at an incredible price.